Our state-of-the-art facilities have significantly expanded over the past 5 decades.

Poornima started with a 500 sq.f t. space in 1974, at a small storefront in Tripolia Bazaar, a private entrance to the Jaipur City Palace.

Within the next decade or so, our space increased to 4000 sq.ft.

Today, Poornima’s total facilities are over 1.5 lakh sq. f t. since 2014 at theSitapura location.

Rotary dyeing allows yards of grey fabric to be dyed uniformly in desired colours before they proceed for printing. This process is sustainably articulated for the water and dye to be circulated through the fabric and squeezed out by centrifugal force.
The above tall structure made of bamboo allows yards of washed and/or dyed fabric to be hung in broad daylight for drying before being rolled into a “thaan” for further printing processes.
Our expert designers work a few seasons in advance, undergoing thorough research and intense brainstorming to suit individual client’s needs and product specifications. All latest softwares and technologies are used.
Our printing blocks are designed by our in-house designers and expertly carved by our artisans. Block carving takes 7 to 8 days. Some of these patterns have been in the company for generations.
Hand block printing is over 2000 years old. Artisans work layer by layer, slowly building the design. Over time, the artisans have learned to speed up the process, making it viable while at the same time preserving the traditional aspect of it.
Screen Printing using screens is a prevalent method for mass production, especially in home furnishings. It has significantly reduced production lead times and the final products are identical in colour, print & design.
The advantage of screen printing is that they are easily washable and can be reused once they dry. Even the most intricate of designs can be achieved through screen printing.
Digital printing was introduced at Poornima in 2008. Since then, digital printing has been on a rising curve, especially in the APAC region, allowing extensively detailed prints to be achieved on a variety of fabrics.
Poornima’s workforce comprises of skilled women with an eye for detail and precision. The factory is equipped with industry standard equipments and the workers work in a well-lit, well-ventilated area.
Manual Q & A by experienced and skilled women who have been trained to look out for print, colour, design, stitching details and errors, thereby making ensuring quality checks remain completely hands-on.
Packing consignments are also thoroughly supervised, double checked for frayed threads and tagged according to individual buyers before packing them in carton boxes.
Our main facility in Sitapura Industrial Area has a complete showroom that features our merchandise bandwidth along with our design aesthetics that can be moulded and catered to all categories of buyers in the home segment.